A new event has been launched to bring together the most innovative government officials in the world.

Innovation Labs World will be run on 27 September in Singapore. It will see officials sharing their success stories, providing ‘how to’ training sessions and discussing major trends including ageing demographics and wicked problems.

The event will be run by GovInsider and Clarion Events Ltd. It is free to all public servants across the world.

The format has been designed to showcase cutting-edge approaches to service delivery in both the public and private sectors. It will see design labs, fintech units, drone teams, digital services, IOT labs and efficiency units discuss ‘what works’ and how they achieved impact in service delivery.

Crucially, the event will also have sessions that teach new skills, from agile project management to data analytics and design thinking.

Every participant, from permanent secretaries to frontline officials, will leave the event inspired to innovate and improve service delivery.

Visit the site to see the full details today.