How do you use technology/policy to improve citizens’ lives? Tell us about your role or organisation.  

As a Head of Data Center and Informatics Facility in the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in Indonesia, we have been doing Electronic Based Government System in accordance with the President’s Policy. We provide and facilitate the office’s administrations in a public office and infrastructures to serve the public by each work unit.

What was the most impactful project you worked on this year? 

In 2021, we achieved ISO 9001 recertification for management, and ISO 27001 for Cyber Security. We also achieved a very good e-government index.

What is one unexpected learning from 2021? 

Covid-19 has made us practice physical distancing and work from home, but it didn’t deter us from serving civitas of ministry. We need to improve infrastructure setup, and also applications  programs to support e-government quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Digital transformation is a must nowadays.

What’s your favourite memory from the past year? 

Being promoted as the Head of Data Center and Informatics Facility was a fun challenge.

What’s a tool or technique you’re excited to explore in 2022? 

As a consequence of digitalisation and the ease of access we got, we ought to improve the cyber  security system. The urge to learn about cyber security systems is something necessary to do.

What are your priorities for 2022? 

After strengthening the IT infrastructures, cyber security systems, and the certification, we must maintain the system to ensure it runs well 24/7. The tools for monitoring and the control centre need to be prepared. We also need to ensure the quality and quantity of human resources to support the dynamics ahead.

Who are the mentors and heroes that inspire you? 

I have some wise, competent, visionary, and great minded leaders. Indonesia is led by a President Joko Widodo, who developed a few strategic and appropriate policies in this situation. Another leader is our Minister of ICT, Johnny Gerard Plate, who has put Indonesia as the spearhead in this digital  transformation era through his strategic policies.

What gets you up in the morning? 

I start my mornings happily. First, I pray, then I prepare breakfast for my family, take a deep breath of fresh morning air, and do my tasks optimistically with balance.