In a world first, Iceland is now allowing its citizens to download their health data.

Users may access their own health data securely through an app called, which uses “unique” personal data technology. They will have access to data such as prescriptions and medications, vaccinations, allergies and medical admissions, according to the website.

The app allows users to “gain greater insight and control over their health and treatment”. The project is supported by Iceland’s Directorate of Health (DoH), which worked with local companies to develop an API to integrate with, according to the website. is currently being test bedded in Iceland before being introduced to other countries.


“We hope that helping our citizens take more control over their health will have positive benefits for both them and our healthcare system as a whole,” a DoH spokesperson was quoted as saying.

“This is a significant moment for us at, but more importantly for individuals who will now be in control of their data and can gain more benefits from it,” Julian Ranger, Founder and Executive Chairman of, was quoted as saying. will soon be releasing updates to its personal data tool which will allow additional data streams to be added.

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