Singapore’s Government Digital Services has published a blog post on its Medium account examining how officials can work around the planned internet block on their official devices.

The post, “So the Singapore government is cutting off the Internet (from 100,000 computers). Bring some of it back in 5 steps“, advises officials to create a method of emailing screenshots of websites to their work computers.

It tells readers of a 5 step process that allows them to save screenshots of articles into a Google Drive file, which will then automatically be emailed to their official device – allowing them to continue reading websites on that computer.

“Thankfully, if you have a separate computer with Internet access in the office, not all is lost. You can still email screenshots of websites and downloaded files (virus-free, naturally) to yourself to use them on secure machines,” the author writes.

The post concludes that officials should “stay positive and do share any alternative solutions you have!”.

Read the full post here on the Government Digital Services’ blog page.