The US saw a whopping 4,345 per cent increase in non-urgent virtual care visits since Covid-19. What was once an aspirational goal has become commonplace within a matter of weeks.

With all this experimentation, hospitals have quickly amassed important lessons for implementing this service. Here are three.

First, real-time information sharing is crucial for delivering patient care. Doctors and policymakers need to know the latest happenings to provide the best treatments and design effective laws.

Second, data needs to be connected. Now that doctors can see their patients from anywhere, they need medical records to be just as easily accessible. AWS Cloud ensures sensitive health data can be shared easily and securely.

Third, there’s no one-size-fits-all virtual care model. Telehealth looks different across hospitals – some may need different apps or portals for monitoring patients remotely or tracking long-term health conditions. Healthcare providers need to understand their needs and find the right fit.

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