From setting up isolation facilities to treating Covid-positive patients; from training volunteers to ensuring chronic care continues – they’ve done it all.

These are the brave healthcare workers who have challenged their limits, pushed past fears and worked through sleepless nights – all to give patients the care they need and protect our health. We celebrated the selflessness and dedication they’ve so freely shown over the past year through illustrations and interviews.

Meet some of the #HealthHeroes of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Dr Jade Kua, Life Coach & Senior Consultant, Woodlands Health Campus

Lee Ann Aquino Carino, Assistant Nurse Clinician at Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Shamini Devi Sambanthan, Senior Staff Nurse at Gleneagles Hospital

Dr Noel Yeo, Chief Operating Officer, IHH Healthcare Singapore


Bruce Liang, CEO, Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), Singapore


A/Prof Daniel Fung, Chairman, Medical Board, Institute of Mental Health

Allied health

Cindy Lim, Senior Physiotherapist, Woodlands Health Campus


Rosalind Zee, Senior Manager, Health Promotion Board, Singapore

Bryan Quek, Director, Regional Health System and Community Engagement, Health Promotion Board, Singapore

Terence Teo, Operations Executive, Woodlands Health Campus and Lily Ng, Senior Nurse Clinician, Woodlands Health Campus

Illustrations by Joy Lim