Over 10,000 children in China are diagnosed with leukaemia every year. Most of them have to endure treatment for a period of two, three years or more.

On top of going through the pain of bone marrow treatments and chemotherapy, the kids had to give up a normal childhood due to their low immunity. They are confined at home or within the hospital, isolated from the outside world.

To help kids have a more enjoyable long-term stay, Wuhan Union Hospital created a haven for them to play, sing, paint, make friends and have fun. Over 20,000 medical workers and volunteers were recruited for this initiative to support the children undergoing treatment until they are 16 years old.

For this initiative to enhance patient experience, Wuhan Union Hospital’s Pediatric Hematology Department brought home the Gold Award for Best Customer Service at the Asian Hospital Management Awards in 2018.

The Asian Hospital Management Awards, now in its 18th year, is a prestigious ceremony which recognises and honours hospitals in the Asia Pacific for best practices to improve healthcare.

You may submit TWO free entries on or before the early bird deadline of 30 April 2019. The final deadline for submission for this year’s edition is 31 May 2019. Winners will be announced during the Gala Night at Hospital Management Asia 2019 on 12 September.

Download the awards brochure.