A 129 year old university- Royal Holloway, University of London – is keeping up to speed by switching their current IT system and moving their data centre services to to a hybrid cloud model.

A hybrid cloud is a cloud service where an organisation rents storage platform from a central provider and combines it with their local data storage platform.

Royal Holloway moved to a hybrid cloud model to bring flexibility to its IT operations and ensure that they are driven by the needs of end users. The high tech servers enable workload consolidation and help organisations improve server utilisation. This further reduces cost and frees up staff time.

The hybrid cloud infrastructure provided the university with the following benefits:

Provide convenience and improved services to users:

• Time and cost saving by eliminating maintenance fee for previous support system
• Providing greater strategic focus as the IT team can focus on new initiatives
• Future proofed architecture – enabling IT staff to learn new skills such as integrating cloud and local services.

“ We now have a user-driven, automated infrastructure that meets customer demands, frees up staff time, and is as effective, modern and consumer-focused as any website” – Huw Michael, Technical Architect at Royal Holloway University of London

Download this report to learn more from Microsoft about the project: