The Director of Resource Management in Singapore’s Ministry of Finance will speak on innovations in procurement at Innovation Labs World on 26 September.

Chia Ser Huei oversees the policies for public service procurement and his office works closely with government agencies to create a high-performance Government that uses its resources efficiently and effectively. Singapore spends about $20 billion annually on procurement of goods, services and construction works.

The Ministry is using data analytics which allows agencies across the government to compare prices for similar products and to call for common tenders on the same items.

“Going ahead, there could be new innovations like using artificial intelligence to improve procurement decisions,” Chia said in an interview with GovInsider.

He will be speaking in the Finance stream of Innovation Labs World and will be joined by Aaron Maniam, Director of Industry, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Edwin Low, Director of Accreditation@IMDA.

If you would like to attend Innovation Labs World, please register your details below. The event is open and free for all public sector officials.