It was one of the worst hacks any government has ever faced.

Hackers made away with over 70 million records from the Philippines Electoral Commission last year. Personal information including fingerprint data and passport number were lifted, leaving a massive number of people open to theft and phishing attacks.

Cybersecurity is crucial for protecting both global economic progress and domestic infrastructure. New online training for government officials shares five steps they can take to protect their assets.

These include access and identity management, device security, managing phishing attacks, data protection and cyber hygiene.

In this episode, Wee Yeh Tan from Microsoft’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Group, explains what all of these mean and how governments can implement them.

Steps for protection involve safeguarding across all endpoints, from sensors to the datacenter, and robust management of identity and access controls to protect data across these systems.

The training is part of a free massive open online course to help civil servants develop their cyber security skills.

If you would like to take part, please register your details here to access the training session.