Police officials, social workers, tax auditors, teachers – they are all at the frontline of governments, and spend much of their time out and about, working with students, families and businesses.

A big frustration is that they are then often forced to return to the office to file reports and organise documents. How can governments help frontline officials be more productive?

For the state of Queensland in Australia, the “big issue” was that officials couldn’t communicate easily across the government. The state has since introduced mobile devices and cloud-based platforms like Office 365, which allow patrol officers to spend up to 20% more time on patrol, instead of filing papers at their desks, according to an e-book by Microsoft.

“That equates to productivity savings, but more importantly it equates to more policing hours with the same resources,” the police service’s chief superintendent said.

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Image by West Midlands PoliceCC BY 2.0