The Estonian Government has been a leader in cyber security for the last decade. It has built a digital nation that is secure with services that citizen trust. How did it achieve this?

Connectivity and data sharing have formed a backbone of Estonia’s success. Its X-Road platform, for instance, allows ministries to share data with each other. Yet, it has ensured that security is not undermined by openness.

The Government recently worked with Microsoft to explore how citizens’ data can be secured using cloud computing.

The research report they produced presents six policy recommendations which are useful for any agency looking to work with cloud technologies:

  • Develop digital continuity principles
  • Assess the risk of each class of data and service
  • Make a prioritised list of government services
  • Update pre-internet policies to remove barriers
  • Regularly review the policies and procedures
  • Work with the private sector to keep up with the latest tech

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Image by Dennis JarvisCC BY 2.0