New South Wales state in Australia has set up a new agency to integrate customer service across digital, telephone and shopfront.

Service NSW pioneered a model to simplify citizen service in the Australian public sector. A case study by Microsoft shows how it was set up, and what were the obstacles to tackle.

“We were going for an agile startup model to meet government commitments to launch Service NSW in a very short timeframe,” said Jacqui McPherson, CIO, Service NSW.

The agency followed three phases for its rollout: startup enterprise; stabilisation and service roll out; and head office migration.

It reused existing IT resources across agencies as much as possible, improving them where required to meet the criteria. This allow them to deliver quickly and progressively build up long-term tech infrastructure.

Officials have also improved productivity by being able to access emails and data from any device, at any location in real-time through the cloud.

If you would like to know more about how Service NSW achieved these, download the full case study by Microsoft below.