Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority has launched a ‘Dream Lab’ where citizens can measure their brainwaves, including the frequency and positivity of their thoughts.

The Lab is hosted at The Cathay in Dhoby Ghaut, and is part of a week-long free celebration of technology and culture called The Festival of Tech.

The Lab – technically called The Chronariam Sleep Lab – is an art project where people rest inside hammocks that rock them to sleep. Over a 15 minute period, they are exposed to trance-like music and meditation advice from a Buddhist Monk.

Following this cycle, people can attach sensors to their heads to measure their thought patterns and understand the effect of rest on the brain.

GovInsider measured our brainwaves, but activity was minimal.
GovInsider measured our brainwaves, but activity was found to be minimal.

Other technology-driven art projects dot the city, including a scheme where people can SMS the Merlion statue, fire hydrants, lampposts and sewage grates to have a conversation.

The purpose of the Festival is to inspire Singaporeans to think of creative uses of technology. According to a spokesperson, it complements IDA’s drive to improve Singaporean infrastructure with a cultural message to encourage technological creativity.

For more information about the festival, and upcoming events throughout the week, visit the official site.