Teachers constantly wrestle with various file formats, students often struggle to open school files remotely and IT staff have to work hard just to ensure that new software is accessible.

In 2014, an Australian K-12 girls’ school, Ravenswood, upgraded their students’ email accounts, improved document access and minimised software incompatibility, all by implementing consistent cloud-based Microsoft software across the school.

The cloud-based Microsoft platform and productivity programs are customized to be compatible with most devices. This eliminates various file formats and enables teachers and students to work remotely from home. It also benefits parents to purchase their preferred devices for their children.

The objective was to enable all students to work seamlessly with school and home devices , everywhere and anywhere.

“We have one consistent platform across the entire school that eliminates the majority of compatibility issues when student uses their own personal devices to complete school work. Even if a student or teacher is away from home, they can work on their documents using the uniform software platform” – Elizabeth Westley, Director of Technology of Ravenswood School For Girls

Benefits of a consistent cloud-based platform include

    • Safe storage; automatic backups on cloud – secure and always accessible
    • Eliminating compatibility issues – leads to increase in productivity and efficiency
    • Reduced costly on premise storage

Download this report from Microsoft if you would like to know more about how a cloud-based uniform software platform is able to benefit the education system.