Singapore has launched an app, called Mozzie Watch Keeper @ Northwest, that educates children and raises awareness of mosquito-borne diseases.

Students can take a short course on what dengue and zika is, disease symptoms, how it spreads, common breeding grounds and how to prevent it.

The Building & Estate Management Alumni (BEA) will make a S$2 donation for every quiz completed. The donation will be made to a student support fund, up to S$30,000.

There is also a “Spot and Report” option, where citizens can submit photos and key in location details of potential Aedes mosquito breeding sites.

“We hope to rally schools and residents to come together to spread the knowledge and look out for one another so as to keep the community mozzie-free and prevent Dengue and Zika viruses from spreading”, said Dr. Teo Ho Pin, Mayor of North West District.

North West Community Development Council will partner with schools in the district and encourage residents to participate in the “Mozzie Watch Keeper” programme.

The app was jointly developed by the North West Community Development Council, National Environment Agency and Holland Bukit-Panjang Town Council.