Over the coming weeks and months, GovInsider will be interviewing City Mayors from across Australia. This report will give an insight into their top priorities, common problems, and interesting innovations.

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As we continue interviewing local governments, three common topics are already apparent:

Feedback matters

Many of the city mayors discussed plans for feedback apps to understand citizen needs. This is a common trend that GovInsider has seen across Asia. Countries are building services like Qlue in Jakarta, OneService in Singapore, and Cakna in Malaysia to track common complaints. These tools help engage people, and reassure them that their views matter.

Accessibility for the whole community

Some communities have large elderly populations, like Mornington Peninsula. Others have highly diverse communities, like Maribyrnong. And Stirling has a large indigenous population. All have found innovative ways to be more inclusive.

Boosting tourism through digital

Many of the mayors are concerned about tech to boost their tourism. For some, this is about digital sites and social media. For others, this is about smart roads and other ways to make it easier to visit – busting congestion, and improving the feel of the city.

The series will continue over the coming weeks, and we’ll update you on common learnings from Australia’s Mayors, in both cities big and small.

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