Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius warned in his Meditations of succumbing to “speculative matters”, and having a “superficial understanding of a topic.” Aurelius lives on in history for his reputation as a measured leader and a great ruler.

How can modern-day officials emulate this advice, and avoid speculation in an era of fake news and short attention spans? And how can they form a detailed understanding of matters in an era of filter bubbles and sudden outrage? Data.

This guide pulls together stories of how leaders are leading with data. Peter Ho, former Head of Singapore’s Civil Service, shares how the government’s strategic futures unit uses data to think about future challenges and opportunities. Policymakers and planners from across the government share how they are adopting a data-driven approach.

This guide is brought to you in partnership with Tableau, who have created software to help every official use data. Country Manager Leslie Ong shares how leaders are moving from using their ‘gut instinct’ to data to make decisions.

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