The Royal Library of Alexandria in Egypt was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world. Sadly, it burnt down in the 3rd Century BC.

Alexandria University aims to be just as a significant title by being a model campus that provides learning materials, lecturers and courses all through one strong internet platform.

The university was initially sceptical about this radical idea as they did not even have a unified university email system, The university then adopted the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based service which provided the them with their first unified email system. Their first step to becoming an e-campus.

“We now have a unified email systems for communication as well as created an electronic platform for research collaboration and joint scholarly publications, which are important to our thrust to remain a research-led university” – Dr Mahmoud Gabr, Chief Information Officer

The program benefited Alexandria University by:

  • Bringing them closer to being a model of an e-campus with a strong platform for e-learning
  • Unified email system for efficient communication
  • Large email storage capacity
  • Electronic platform for research collaboration


Download this report to learn more about how a unified email system can improve the way staff communicates with the student body