Vietnam plans to spend nearly US$224 million to improve public services and infrastructure in three secondary cities.

The funding was this week approved by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, according to Vietnam News, and will come from the Asian Development Bank.

The Secondary Cities Development Project (also called Green Cities) will look to improve cities’ competitiveness environmental sustainability. It will focus on traffic systems, floods sewerage, solid waste management, and municipal services, the website reported.

The project will be implemented over five years in the cities of Ha Giang, Hue, and Vinh Yen.

In addition to the funding from ADB, the country is also getting support from the Korean Government to develop a Green City Master Plan. The two countries develop an analytics system to help officials make decisions on the project.

They will also create green city indices to measure progress and develop a Green City law. Korea will provide guidelines on urban planning and train Vietnamese officials.

Image by David McKelvey, licensed under CC BY 2.0