Five tips for sharing government data

Best practices to share data with businesses and other stakeholders.

Government data has immense economic and social value for businesses, communities and citizens. A recent whitepaper by Tableau shares five tips for government officials to share data with the public and other stakeholders and encourage citizen participation.
  • How to empower your agency officials by giving access to governed data
  • How to share insights with citizens and other stakeholders
  • How can everyone transform numbers and data into visual storytelling
  • Why interactive and visual platforms are key for collaboration
  • How to make public data accessible
Sharing government data can help generate $3 trillion worth of value across government sectors like healthcare, energy, education and transport, a recent study by McKinsey has shown. It can help encourage curiosity in the society, encouraging people to develop innovative ideas. It also empowers people to find new economic opportunities. If you would like to learn more about this from Tableau, download the full whitepaper below.