Five ways to use data in projects

This whitepaper discusses five steps to help officials understand project impact.

As pressure on Singapore’s budget increases, every tax dollar spent will be measured for its impact by the government. Officials across the public sector have been advised to evaluate their budgets on existing and new projects. A whitepaper by Tableau shows how a data analytics platform can empower officials to manage their project outcomes better. There are five ways in which it can help:
  • Visualise your data to understand the bigger picture
  • Probe and question your data for new insights in real-time
  • Securely and easily share it with other officials
  • Get a cross-government view by connecting data from different sources
  • Minimise training costs with an intuitive and self-service platform
Measuring outcomes in government is often complex business, but a versatile platform can help you deliver impact. To find out more from Tableau, complete the below form and download their whitepaper.