The road to digital government begins with the cloud

By Microsoft

Cloud systems have enabled governments all over the world to harness the opportunities of data, citizen engagement and digital services.

Cloud systems form the bedrock on which digital government is built. It has enabled the Tax Authority of Mexico to harness open data and serve the growing demands of more than 40 million taxpayers who interact with it electronically, with an expected 70% reduction in costs.

With such systems, cities and government agencies can provide better digital services, engage with citizens more effectively, and analyse data to make informed decisions, according to an e-book by Microsoft.

Increasingly, governments are realising the benefits of digital transformation and cloud technologies to:
  • Provide new opportunities - The cloud’s flexibility is empowering employees to work in the way that best suits the skills they have
  • Get closer to citizens - For example, the Canadian City of Regin has developed a portal to handle single sign-on for accessing city services and viewing public utility bills
  • Do more with data - The Government of Estonia has embraced the cloud to support its national identity card, enabling it to provide service to Estonians wherever they are and to conduct more than 95% of its transactions electronically
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