Singapore releases online health records to citizens

By Medha Basu

Government looking to “nudge” people towards healthy habits.

Singapore has launched a new website where people can access their online health records from public hospitals and clinics for the first time.

On HealthHub, people can view hospital discharge summaries, test results for chronic diseases, health screening records and upcoming medical appointments. Parents can check their children’s dental and immunisation records, and access their school health records.

Citizens and permanent residents can login with SingPass to access these records on, and iOS and Android mobile apps.

The government hopes to “encourage the adoption of healthy habits and nudge Singaporeans to take greater ownership of their own health and wellness”, the Ministry of Health said.

HealthHub also provides articles on healthy living, and updates on events and deals. The government wants people to spread this information, and is giving out “HealthPoints” for social media shares. The points can be converted to rewards and redeemed as vouchers or used to offset grocery bills.

The government wants citizens to give feedback on the new service. “This early release is designed to solicit user feedback to build a digital companion for healthy living”, the ministry said.

This version is “not perfect, but the portal and mobile application will be continually enhanced over time”, said Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong. New services that could be available in the future include: push notifications for screenings and vaccines, reminders for medication, and payment of medical fees.