The three key steps to protect digital records

By Check Point

Agencies and hospitals must constantly monitor for new weaknesses.

Image: GSK, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Stolen patient records have the highest value in the black market - even more than credit cards or other financial data.

These are the findings in a report by Check Point Software Technologies. How can governments and hospitals ensure that these valuable personal data remain safe?

There are three key steps organisations must take to help protect their patients and maintain their trust:
  • Prevent attacks from known malware and new forms of threats
  • Continuously monitor the data’s security and set up alerts for violations
  • Analyse data on how users behave and automatically identify anomalies

These three steps must be consolidated under a centralised tool, allowing quicker and easier visibility of and response to potential weaknesses.
If you would like to learn from Check Point about protecting patient records, please download the full report below