Join public sector and education leaders from across Asia Pacific on 16 – 20 November to learn from their lessons this year and how they’re building for the future.

The global crisis has proven to be a test of resilience for governments in the region. As public service delivery shifts online and cloud adoption accelerates, governments are increasingly exposed to new risks.

How can governments maintain security amidst rapidly changing infrastructure? What are the challenges and opportunities of cyber security? And how can governments fortify their cyber posture and build cyber resilience?

The upcoming Gigamon Tech Summit will give you the key to unpicking the conundrum: how to run fast, stay secure, and offer what the business needs (with little to no extra budget). It will showcase real-life case studies of digital transformation, and present technologies that give you visibility into what’s happening in your digital infrastructure, and analysis that unlocks possibilities.

Join our discussion with public sector officials across Asia-Pacific to gain insights on how agencies have leveraged on a culture of innovation to emerge stronger from this crisis and hear from your partners at Gigamon on how they can help you run fast and stay secure in the new tomorrow.

Securing the Digital Classroom: 9:00 am – 10:00 am, 18 November
The Endless War – Amping up Cyber Defence : 10:30 am – 11:30 am, 18 November
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