Australia has launched a performance dashboard, allowing the public to track the performance of government services easily.

The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) has built a dashboard that pulls government services into one platform, showing how these services are meeting user needs. It hopes that the platform makes it “dramatically easier” to access information, DTO wrote.

Through this effort, DTO hopes “to fully understand if all our channels and processes are working to support the right outcomes for our users” and improve services accordingly, it continued.

Currently, the public has to go through government websites and annual reports to gather data on government service performance, it added.

Users can compare government services based on four key areas: user satisfaction; digital take-up; completion rates; and cost.

Departments can publish data on service performance on a monthly or real-time basis, and publicly declare if they do not have sufficient data.

The US and UK both have a similar service, sharing a common step toward digital advancement. Britain Government’s Digital Service has 802 service dashboards on public services and 49 dashboards that measure web traffic.

Image from DTO’s Twitter page