Ill and elderly patients often find it difficult to travel to medical providers. But a hospital in Israel has used technology to support them at home.

Maccabi Health Services in Israel established a service called Video Conferencing Call Centre for Chronic Conditions. The video conference call improves patient quality of life by reducing travelling cost and time.

Patients will contact nurses through a tablet. Nurses then will use a computer fitted with a camera to attend to their medical needs. On the screen, nurses will be able to see patient and their medical records at the same time . Using the camera, nurses are able to access how healthy the patient looks, provide instructions for using a blood pressure cuff and guidance on self injections.

“Patients just need to move an icon and that’s it- they’re connected to the call center. It gives us a very simple solution, which was important because it can be hard for elderly people to use technology. We wanted to make it as simple as possible- flip a button and it works” – Dr Galit Kaufman, Director of Nursing of Maccabbi Health Services

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