The Chinese Air Force has set up a unit dedicated to tackle drones that could pose a security threat.

“Its main focus is small, slow-moving drones flying at an altitude of less than 1,000 meters”, according to its military website.

The unit is training a drone squadron to take down smaller drones, which are more difficult to detect on military radars.

As China sees a rising number of civilians and businesses using drones, the government is looking to bring its use under control. The government is regulating to ban the use of small drones for delivery in urban areas.

It is requiring companies to get an aviation business licence to use drones, and a separate licence to buy or rent a drone.

Elsewhere, the Japanese Police is also using its own drones, equipped with nets, to capture illegally-flown drones. This move follows a major security scare last year when an unidentified drone landed on the roof of the Prime Minister’s office.

The Tokyo police have now set up a separate unit to watch over the Prime Minister’s office and other important locations in the city.

Image by Gabriel Garcia Marengo; licensed under CC BY 2.0