Citizen engagement means that you can communicate directly with citizens and staff, and they can talk right back – reporting problems, locating services, and supporting local initiatives.

But is there a technology that can make this easier? Yes: geographic information systems, or GIS, pulls it all together – allowing you to build a Smart Community.

You can use GIS to aggregate opinions, assess areas of priority, and identity hot spots such as water conservation concerns, property damage, mobile health clinics, or areas in need of graffiti removal. This technology has been utilized by cities worldwide including Dubai, Singapore and Los Angeles.

A new guide by Esri, the GIS company, sets out advice on how to build a Smart Community. It gives use cases for GIS, including:

  • Urban planning
  • Open Data for transparency and engagement
  • Analytics
  • Boosting the startup economy
  • Increasing the effectiveness of NGOs

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Image by M MCC BY 2.0