Healthcare is a big area of investment as Singapore grapples with an ageing population. Data will be crucial part of the picture, allowing officials to track the resources the government is spending on it.

An e-book by Informatica shows how healthcare agencies and hospitals can get the most value from the data and information they have.

It advises five steps healthcare officials can take to build a strong business case for establishing a data infrastructure that enables enterprise information management:

  • Find the opportunity cost of inaccurate data
  • Stress the need for speed and agility of data delivery
  • Link the use of data to key goals in your organisation
  • Show how data infrastructure improves returns to IT investments
  • Learn from other industries that have had results from implementation of data infrastructures for enterprise information management

Data silos have been found to be one of the biggest barriers in the healthcare industry. Data must be integrated across applications, the e-book says.

Download the e-book to discover the power of data in healthcare transformation.