The Covid-19 pandemic has put financial pressure upon many institutes of higher learning. In a recent QS survey, 74% of universities polled expect fewer international students in the coming years. This will inevitably lead to decreasing revenues. Universities urgently need to explore new ways to engage students in order to continue attracting them.

SAP’s higher education experts will discuss these issues and more during their three-session TechTalk series on Higher Education & Research, broadcast live on Thursdays from 13 August.

The key to universities’ continued success may just be to provide more personalised services for students. “Institutes of higher learning now have a huge opportunity to collect and analyse data to craft a more targeted learning experience for each student,” says Mr U Chee Lioy, SAP’s Industry Cluster Lead for Public Sector in Southeast Asia. Schools already have access to “tonnes of data” about students. The natural next step would be to extract insights from this data to enhance the student experience.

For instance, schools could use machine learning and AI models to project a student’s preferred career path. From there, they could push targeted services to students, from module recommendations to job opportunities.

Universities can also stand to upgrade their operational capabilities, to increase productivity and create a more seamless student service experience. “Most institutes of higher learning have under-invested in process changes and technology enablement over the years”, U says.

Different administrative processes often operate in silos, and a great deal of manual effort is spent on synchronising these elements. This applies to all parts of a university’s administration, from grant management to student services.

Most universities “are likely to have different systems for outreach to potential students, onboarding, admin services, student activities and even feedback,” U says.

The challenge, then, is to integrate them seamlessly into a single platform, cutting away duplicate procedures and allowing staff to focus on delivering timely, effective service delivery.

SAP’s presenters will take institutions through various strategies to integrate these processes, allowing them to build more efficient, intelligent systems.

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When: Thursdays 3pm – 4pm (GMT+8) , 13 Aug – 27 Aug 2020

13 Aug: Running an efficient institution with greater governance and transparency
20 Aug: Next Generation Student Engagement #1: Attracting and engaging students
27 Aug: Next Generation Student Engagement #2: Effectively manage the student lifecycle

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