Mayors and city leaders are using a wide array of IOT sensors to get feedback on everything, from cleanliness to citizens’ sentiments and safety.

For instance, the Boston Marathon uses wearable sensors to ensure the safety of thousands of runners and spectators. Meanwhile, Los Angeles has cut citizens’ complaints and saved fuel using sensors on garbage trucks.

Mapping and analytics company Esri recommends six key ways to manage this:

  1. Design sensor networks using maps and data analytics
  2. Connect these devices and also the data they generate
  3. Use location to filter the data so you can focus on the most pressing issues
  4. Automatically alert department heads the moment an incident occurs
  5. Use spatial analysis to uncover patterns in real-time and historic data
  6. And don’t forget to store sensor data for future analysis

Download the full whitepaper by Esri to learn more about its work with leading cities.