Crellin Elementary School is deep in Maryland’s Appalachian highlands, but its surroundings are not particularly scenic. The local area’s coal mines have long stood abandoned, while the nearby stream is contaminated with toxic waste.

But Crellin isn’t letting its position get it down. While it was once an underachieving school with declining test scores, it is now earning national awards for student achievements, parental involvement, and environmental leadership. This is partly thanks to an innovative programme where it used technology to supplement its teaching methods.

Crellin is using Intel Education Solution and Classmate PC’s in classes to bring science and maths to life; engaging students in using technology to learn about their world, identify problems, work toward solutions and share their findings.

A new report from Intel:

    • Explains how technology has been assisting and improving teaching abilities to Crellin Elementary School’s staff
    • Shows how students master basic skills while developing the high-order abilities they will need for 21st century life and careers
    • Provides sample class activities with intel Classmate PC Convertibles and Science Sensors

If you would like to hear more from Intel about tech in the classroom, download the full report: