To support the Singapore public sector’s drive towards sustainability by 2030, GovInsider is partnering with government and tech companies to  develop content to promote adoption of sustainable actions in the government. This webinar focuses on the core of IT – the infrastructure.

AI has produced transformative results over the last few years: computers can now drive vehicles, recognise images and chat with humans. But all these advances require tremendous amounts of computing power and energy. Hear our speakers’ journeys on going green with tech and learn from how they are leading the way in sustainable infrastructure.


  • Calum Handforth, Advisor (Digitalisation and Smart Cities), UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation & Sustainable Development
  • Mattie Yeta, Head of Sustainability, ICT Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), UK Government
  • Royston Bok, Director, AI Initiatives (NCS NEXT Digital)
  • Chua Hock Leng, Vice President, ASEAN & Greater China (AGC), Pure Storage
  • Moderated by Poon Yun Xuan, Deputy Editor, GovInsider