Government Tech We Can’t Live Without

How do government products become household names? What makes a good government product or service? Which apps and websites become indispensable to navigating daily life in Singapore? This in-person interactive session hosted in conjunction by Open Government Products, co-sponsored by Amazon Web Services and Yugabyte, will gather digital leaders from Singapore’s government to share what … Continued

From Terabytes to Trash: Securing Data From Creation to Disposal

From Terabytes to Trash: Securing Data From Creation to Disposal

With data breaches on the rise, data security is a key consideration for governments in Southeast Asia. According to Interpol, the average cost of a data breach incident in ASEAN rose up to US$3.86 million in 2021. From the moment data is collected, government agencies have to be vigilant, from employing encryption software to taking … Continued

Why the future of Singapore healthcare is coming home

Given Singapore’s rapidly ageing population, and the changing needs of patients, the next evolution of healthcare in the country looks to be heading into the homes of patients. Technological advances, coupled with the recent rise in popularity of telehealth and remote, has proven that the home care model can work. So, how should Singapore hospitals … Continued

ASEAN’s quest to transform the digital economy

From funding startups to developing digital infrastructure, ASEAN governments are seeking to reap the benefits of the digital gold rush. However, more than 80 percent of transactions between consumers and businesses in 2020 were in cash, so there is much-untapped potential to explore. This webinar will gather digital leaders from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia to … Continued

GovInsider x Informatica Webinar 27 Apr 2022 3-4pm

Delivering Public Services with Trusted Data

Governments have no shortage of data, the next question is how do they turn it into an improved citizen experience. Ensuring that data is trustworthy, discoverable and easily shared is key to improved public services and citizen insights. Government officials and tech experts will discuss the best ways of managing citizen data. This webinar will … Continued

Envisioning Tomorrow – Technology for Future Research 30th March 3pm

Envisioning Tomorrow – Technology for Future Research

Research is often a tech-intensive activity, but most researchers want to focus on science, not servers. Join GovInsider’s webinar for research institutes, where experts will discuss the tools needed for advanced research. Hear insights and lessons from leading global researchers across bioscience, engineering and computing. Cloud and IT thought leaders will share tips on how … Continued

Trust in Tech: Forging Partnership between Government and Industry

In this session, we explore Trust in Technology – the connector of Tech Innovation and Accountability. Discuss what constitutes trust in tech, share practical tips to building the right framework, and from policymaker, implementer, and user perspective. Join Us for this exclusive workshop on Today at 3pm-4pm SGT (GMT +8), organised by GovInsider in partnership … Continued

APIs in Public Sector: Promoting Collaboration, Enhancing Citizen Engagement

Governments have gone digital, but there’s a lot more room for agencies to connect and collaborate. GovInsider’s latest workshop brings together the talented teams behind Singapore’s digital public services for an interactive exchange. Hear from your peers across the public sector on how they built tools that are making a difference; share your journey; and … Continued

Tech for Healthcare’s Greatest Race

Time — the most valuable commodity. How we gain more? GovInsider is organising a closed-door roundtable to explore how healthcare leaders can empower frontliners to do their best work. As the pandemic and ageing populations put further pressure on healthcare systems in the region, medical staff need to redirect time and resources to what matters … Continued