Last week, Huawei announced the launch of an AI and Cloud innovation lab in Singapore, along with the official launch of its cloud services in the country.

The lab will “bring to you the capacity of our AI research and development platform”, said Edward Deng, President of Huawei Cloud Global Market at the Huawei Cloud Summit 2019.

All companies, academics and government agencies in Singapore can use the lab, where they will have access to cutting-edge AI and robotic solutions, intelligent digital twins, and AI development kits for them to carry out research. Huawei believes that these facilities will create an inclusive ecosystem that foster top AI talent and incubate new areas of application.

The lab will “share with you many success stories that you can duplicate in your organisation”, he added. It will “support Singapore to become first smart nation in the world” and joins a network of other “open labs” across the world where governments and companies can test their ideas and trial tech from Huawei and its network of partners.

The lab is part of Huawei’s larger strategic launch of cloud services in Singapore to serve the local public and private sectors, and also to serve as a hub for companies in the Asia Pacific region. “Singapore is an international centre for innovation, and also a strategic hub for China-funded enterprises and overseas in the Asia Pacific region,” Deng said.

The launch was welcomed by IMDA Chief Executive Tan Kiat How, who said: “We feel it is important for Singapore – a small and open economy – to work with all partners. We are very pleased to invite all cloud service providers and important tech players from around the world to be part of our ecosystem. It is our privilege and honour to be able to participate in today’s summit and to welcome the newest addition to the Singapore ecosystem.”

The company has made AI a crucial element in its cloud services. In 2025, 97 percent of large enterprises will use AI, and 77 percent of cloud applications will rely on AI, according to the company. This will help accelerate the adoption of AI in countries, Deng says, bringing together all the key members of the ecosystem: Huawei will provide powerful computing power and algorithms, while governments provide data and industry knowhow.

Trust will be critical to the future growth of cloud services, he added. The company has committed to “never use customers’ data for our own purposes”, he said.