The Estonian Government wants to give potential investors a virtual reality experience in its next big marketing campaign.

Enterprise Estonia, the country’s trade and investment agency, and the e-Estonia Showroom are building a virtual reality platform to promote the country’s digital economy.

Earlier this month, the agencies announced a tender, looking for companies to collaborate with them on the project.

The platform will be used during Estonia’s EU presidency during July to December 2017 and at major entry points to the country, including the airport and harbour, according to the Estonian World.

“This innovative way of promoting the e-state will be available for several target audiences, including international public sector decision-makers, business executives, investors and start-ups, as well as the media,” Enterprise Estonia said.

The platform will use 360-degree videos and gamification. It will live stream events and conferences in 360 degrees and allow interactions with the audience.

“Ideally, we expect a partnership of a technology company and a creative agency to ensure maximum use of the VR technological and immersive media opportunities and best value,” the agency said.

The total three-year project is estimated to cost up to €1 million (US$1.12 million). The contract is to start in the first half of next year.

Image by Maurizio Pesce; CC BY 2.0