A new insight feature goes behind the scenes of Singapore’s upcoming national sport analytics platform.

Public service is much like a team sport, and the report by GovInsider and Tableau shares key lessons for government officials keen to use predictive analytics in their agency.

The platform being built by Sport Singapore will help officials decide how to spend money on athletes, sports and resources.

“It’s a platform where we can collect the data and we can take better decisions on our investments mainly, but also some other processes internally,” says Benoit Ammann, Deputy Director of High Performance Sport Analytics and Technology, Sport Singapore.

It is an integrated undertaking that will bring together data from different parts of the government, sport associations and clubs, and also real-time health statistics from individual players.

The agency is also looking to work with universities to develop algorithms for predictive analytics on the platform.

If you would like to find out more about this analytics story from Tableau, download the full report below.

Image by Simon_seesCC BY 2.0