How do you use technology/policy to improve citizens’ lives? Tell us about your role or organisation.

The rapid development of the digital transformation in Indonesia has certainly had various positive impacts in governance, especially in the Regional Government of West Java Province. However, the implementation of digital transformation brings new challenges, namely threats from hackers who try to seek profit or just recognition by hacking information systems in government.

As the Head of Encoding and Information Security at West Java’s Province Communication and Information Office, I currently work with a very important task, namely maintaining the cyber field, especially information systems and ICT infrastructure in the Regional Government of West Java Province. In this regard, in West Java, my team and I, under the director’s supervision, made various efforts, collaborations and innovations in order to reach the West Java digital province.

What was the most impactful project you worked on this year?

Currently I have been leading a range of Cyber ​​Security services (“LALAKISAJABAR”) including Electronic Certificate Services (electronic signatures) to protect Electronic Systems and electronic documents in the Regional Government of West Java Province, Security Operation Network Services, namely monitoring and securing information systems, networks and ICT infrastructure; Counter Surveillance Service; Jammer Service. The IT Security Assessment services include the implementation of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing; Incident response services through the CSIRT TEAM (Computer Security Incident Response Team); OUR Index Assessment Service to determine the level of information security readiness of Public Service Providers and security of strategic data units to obtain SNI ISO / IEC 27001.

In carrying out these services we have a tagline and values ​​that we continue to apply, namely “#SANDIKAMIPRIMA” which means that Encoding and Information Security is carried out professionally, trusted, integrated, independent, and safe. This tagline means a strong and reliable encryption and information security system. In addition it also includes providing encryption and information security services using the principle of PRIMA service (Service Excellence).

What is one learning from 2020?

In order to improve information security services, of course it cannot be separated from the implementation of pentahelix collaboration with the Central Government through the National Cyber ​​and Encryption Agency, Academics involving universities in West Java Province, Private Companies namely Cyber ​​Army, Regional Government namely Provinces and other districts/cities, Community namely NgeSec etc.

Technical guidance, supervision, assistance, evaluation, socialisation and training in regards with the main job description and functions of the encryption and information security field in Local Government.

The hard work has resulted in significant increases in the Information Security Index, Code Implementation Assessment, Incident Handling Maturity Level and Cyber ​​Security Maturity. We have also received certification and implemented ISO 27001: 2013 for the scope of the Regional Government Data Center of West Java Province.

In addition, we received a national award given by the National Cyber ​​and Encryption Agency as the Agency with the Best Vulnerability Identification Profile and Risk Assessment for the Government Sector in 2020.