The Indonesian Government is releasing data on ministries’ and cities performance to encourage them to improve standards.

The data published by the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucracy Reform shows how well the government is performing on public service delivery, accountability and reducing corruption.

The data comes from the government’s own evaluations of all ministries and local governments, public complaints and officials’ self assessments.

The ministry is “exploring ways of using open data as a tool in advancing bureaucracy reform”, wrote Open Data Lab Jakarta – a unit of the World Wide Web Foundation that is working with the government to publish the data.

Making this data publicly known could push agencies to step up their performance. “We are convinced that this project will encourage other agencies to improve performance on key reform indicators in transparency, accountability, and public service delivery,” said Michael Cañares, the Open Data Lab Jakarta’s Regional Research Manager for Asia.

The data is visualised on charts and maps, making it easier for citizens to understand how well ministries and cities are performing relative to each other, the Lab said.

The Ministry will launch a new website on Monday for anyone to access this data.