The National Innovation Agency of Thailand has joined forces with GovInsider and UNESCAP to run a global government innovation summit at the United Nations Headquarters in Bangkok.

The summit will take place on 16 – 17 October, and will bring top government officials and innovators together from across the world to meet Thai entrepreneurs and share their stories.

This is the fourth global innovation summit run by GovInsider in Asia, and will be the first time it has been run in Bangkok. The past three were run in Singapore and reached thousands of Ministers, Governors, Mayors and CEOs from government agencies and the private sector.

“Thailand has a groundbreaking set of innovation policies, particularly in the fields of govtech, agritech and smart healthcare. This partnership was a natural decision and will cement strong relationships between brilliant Thai innovators and their global counterparts” said Joshua Chambers, Founder of GovInsider.

“Public sector and social innovation are key themes for the Royal Thai Government as citizens’ views on public institutions and expectations change. At the same time, civictech sector and social enterprises are on the rise. These balance the way Thailand moves towards long-term prosperity.” said Dr Pun-Arj Chairatana, Director of National Innovation Agency (Public Organization).

Speakers will include high ranking officials from Britain, Germany, South Korea, South Africa, Afghanistan, France, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, the United Nations, plus many more.

The summit is free for media and all public sector officials.

More details and the conference agenda are available here.