The Government Technology Agency of Singapore has launched a research project to discover how the average citizen uses open government data.

GovTech has created an international survey to compare open government data initiatives across ten countries: Australia, Finland, France, India, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, the US, UK and Taiwan.

The survey is part of a campaign that GovTech is running. It is hoped that from the findings, GovTech will be able to get a clearer picture of the perception or usage of open data globally amongst these countries.

To help the general public make more informed decisions in their daily lives, governments the world over have been providing real-time data that is free to access online.

Use of this data has led to developers creating services and apps that solve real-world problems and help their fellow citizens.

As an example, commuters in many countries are now able to plan their trips on public transport more effectively. Developers have also used such data to monitor the environment and track the performance of educational institutions, among other social benefits.

The survey only takes five minutes, and is open until 20 April 2017. To participate, click here.

Image by Pixabay