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The future-ready government: Cloud and data resiliency in Singapore

This is a by-invitation-only seminar. Please approach madeleine@govinsider.asia if you would like to be invited.


The Singaporean public sector is facing an increasing need for digital transformation in order to improve service delivery and operational efficiency. As part of its Government on Commercial Cloud 2.0, the government currently empowers agencies to adopt solutions from a variety of leading cloud service providers. However, traditional closed-source technologies may not provide the necessary interoperability between cloud platforms, leading to vendor lock-in and difficulties in migrating workloads. This can lead to high costs and difficulties in scaling up or down according to changing needs.​

Agencies in Singapore have begun to tap on open source technologies with government products ranging across digital identity, design, user identity, and infrastructure-as-code. Most recently and famously, the nationwide contact tracing app TraceTogether has also been made open source. Can a greater adoption of open source technologies be the key to turbocharging the country’s hybrid cloud strategy?​​

This session will gather key stakeholders from the public sector, technology providers, and cloud computing experts to discuss the following: ​

  • How open source technologies can be leveraged to enhance Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives​

  • The benefits and challenges of using open source technologies for hybrid cloud environments​

  • Best practices for planning and implementing an open source strategy for hybrid cloud in the public sector​

  • How open source technologies can be used to drive innovation in the public sector


One Farrer Hotel

Tanggal & Waktu

From: Jun 13, 2023 - 02:00PM (GMT+8)

To: Jun 13, 2023 - 04:00PM (GMT+8)

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