Denmark has set up a new Ministry of Public Sector Innovation this week to lead digital delivery.

It will look after all maters of digitisation, modernisation, efficiency and management of the public sector, according to the Denmark Broadcasting Corporation.

It will take over some agencies and functions from the Ministry of Finance, including the Centre for Public Innovation, Digitisation Agency, the Government IT unit and Government Administration.

The ministry will be led by Sophie Løhde (pictured, centre), 33, who was previously health minister.

It is possibly the world’s first ministry for public sector innovation, said Christian Bason, CEO of the Danish Design Centre on Twitter.

Denmark ranked 9th in the UN e-government rankings, below its neighbours Finland, Sweden and Netherlands.

It has passed a law requiring all citizens older than 15 to be able to communicate with the government digitally.

Image of new cabinet from Sophie Løhdes Facebook page