Indonesia is looking to boost the country’s innovation with a plan to have 100 science and technology parks by 2019.

The initiative is one of President Joko Widodo’s nine national priorities, known as Nawa Cita, to improve the country’s productivity and competitiveness.

The parks will bring together businesses, researchers, banks, and central and local governments. Each park will cost IDR 100 billion (US$7.2 million).

Out of the 100, four will be National Science and Technology Parks, 19 will be Science Parks, and 77 Technology Parks.

“This number might increase in the next five years as more and more local governments have indicated their interest to establish and develop STPs/SPs/TPs as integrated part of their regional development strategy,” the government has said.

The city governments of Bandung, Malang and Surabaya have already shown interest in building tech parks.

In Malang, the government plans to give incentives and long-term loans to companies and individuals who invest in developing the new park.