The Governor of West Kalimantan and the CEO of Cyber Security Malaysia will speak at GovPay, GovInsider’s Indonesia summit.

The summit on 22 January 2019 will bring together Indonesian ministers and senior civil servants to discuss the future of the public service. Ministers will share the President’s new vision for e-procurement and e-government; governors will discuss plans to improve infrastructure; and mayors will talk about how they are tackling municipal challenges.

Sutarmidji, Governor of West Kalimantan, will share his vision for using tech to improve public finance and track budgets in the province.

Dato’ Dr. Haji Amirudin Bin Abdul Wahab, CEO, Cybersecurity Malaysia will share how the country has become a leader in cyber security in Southeast Asia.

2019 will see massive shifts in the Indonesian Government’s tech systems as the President has mandated standardised tech platforms across e-procurement, budgeting, human resources and identity.

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