The United Nations is running a competition to find new ways to use data for city challenges.

The Big Ideas competition is looking for solutions in four key areas: basic service delivery, sustainable transport and energy, disaster and climate change resilience, and harmony in urban environments.

It is open to all residents of the 10 ASEAN countries, as well as South Korea.

Ideas must be new and use data from multiple sources, like big data, open data or crowdsourced data. Solutions must be cost efficient and easy for cities to implement.

The winning idea from last year’s round was an app analysing the indoor atmosphere in Seoul trains to build a “metro unpleasantness index”.

The contest is a collaboration between the United Nations and South Korean Government.

“Given the complexities of challenges that cities in Asia are faced with, we need to encourage as well as give recognition to citizens’ ideas and insights in developing the next generation of innovations,” said Nicholas Rosellini, UNDP’s Deputy Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific and Director of the Bangkok Regional Hub.

Participants will compete for a total prize fund of US$35,000. There will be 11 country prizes, three excellence prizes and one grand prize.

The deadline for submissions is 3 June and winners will be announced on 27 June.

Steps to submit your ideas are on this website.

Image by daarwasik, licensed under CC BY 2.0