In 2014, a hacker broke into South Korea’s nuclear plant operator and leaked sensitive data including designs for nuclear reactors and estimates of radiation exposure to local residents. The hack was allegedly state-sponsored.

It’s crucial to be able to detect any such attempts before they do serious damage because people’s lives are at stake.

In a new online training session, learn about how methods using artificial intelligence are effective at detecting threats and risks.

The session, hosted by Eric Lam, Director, Enterprise Cybersecurity Group, Microsoft Asia, will cover what officials must know about threat management, building security into infrastructure, and detecting risks early with machine learning.

Such AI techniques allow governments to speed up detection time and reduce risks. It helps countries create a full picture of their digital environment and detect the weak points before significant damage is done.

This training session will be available online from 23 June 2017, and is part of a free online series to help government officials stay updated on the latest cyber security skills.

If you would like to take part, please register your details here to access the training session.

Image by IAEA ImagebankCC BY 2.0