GovInsider Chats Ep. 1 - A green lining in the clouds

By GovInsider

Our first podcast explores how moving to the cloud can reduce carbon footprints.

Welcome to the first episode of GovInsider Chats: A green lining in the clouds: How moving to the cloud can reduce carbon footprints.

Organisations have gained scalability and flexibility with a move to the cloud. What many don’t realise is that a move to the cloud can also help reduce a company’s carbon footprint. Learn more about the impact of moving to the cloud for reducing carbon footprints, and the difference that renewable energy is making in powering tech.

Hear from our expert guests: Adam Turner, Government and Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Sustainable Technology Lead, UK, Kelly Morgan, Research Director of data center infrastructure and managed services at 451 Research, and Ken Haig, Head, Energy and Environment Policy, Asia-Pacific & Japan, Amazon Web Services.